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Providing the perfect customer experience starts with giving your customers control. Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about which channel you support. They should be able to contact you through the channel they prefer at any given time.

This results in fading lines between channels and a fast growing need for smart Omni channel solutions. SaySimple provides Omni channel solutions and guidance to exceed customer expectations by using popular messaging platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

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Dutch carrier Transavia is the first airline to use WhatsApp messaging for customer care. In early 2015 Transavia added WhatsAp as a care channel. Customers can use the messaging app to ask questions about their booking, how to check-in online or double check hand luggage conditions. Transavia aims to respond on every question within 30 minutes, a target achieved every day resulting in an great appreciation by customers.



Some facts:

  • 80% of all conversations ends with a ‘thank you’ from the customer
  • 50% of Transavia’s inbound webcare volume is WhatsApp traffic
  • A 20% shift from regular channels such as telephone/e-mail to WhatsApp, which is 25% faster and less expensive
  • Average of 3,000 unique conversations a month
  • Highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of all Transavia’s available webcare channels
  • The preferred channel among webcare & customer service employees

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